, 10 Blogs That Will Inspire Your Life

10 inspirational blogs that will inspire your life

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow”

Growth is imperative and the key factor that allows growth is the drive and passion to be a better version of ourselves, through motivation and inspirational blogs. With the help of the internet, over a billion people are easily at our beck and call, so there is never a shortage of success stories. Want to be an entrepreneur? There are thousands of successful entrepreneurs like Seth Godin or The Founders coach with a strong online presence.

Blogging has created a wonderful online community of passionate and career-driven people, who have been generous and pleased to share with us what enabled them to be a diamond in the rough. It is never too late to turn your life around. So, we have special blogs picked out for you to support you on your self-development journey.

Here’s a list of 10 blogs that will inspire your life.

10. TYNAN, tynan.com

Are you grab life by the horns type of person? Tynan’s blog might be for you. His blog is a wonderful website that may excite and inspire you. Tynan’s personal development blog is odd but is special because of its peculiarity. This former pick-up artist’s blog is an amalgamation of life advice and personal adventure stories. His blog, although successful is an unusual one that makes it to the list of best blogs to read, it is a personal favorite because of its adventurous theme and how Tynan encourages adventure as a means to break from hardships.

Best Blog Posts:
● A Basic Formula for Contentedness
● A Step by Step Guide to Life Prioritization

9. RAMIT SETHI, iwillteachyoutoberich.com

, 10 Blogs That Will Inspire Your Life

Ramit Sethi is the perfect financial coach for every young adult. He has the perfect voice for a generation of struggling youngsters trying to make a living, however, he isn’t too kind about it. He has no room for hypocrisy considering that Ramit is indeed a self-made millionaire. His book is for a generation that’s materially ambitious yet financially clueless, and fortunately for young readers, his free blog delivers the same. His blog features hundreds of articles that guide employees to move up the organizational ladder and manage finances.

Best Blog Posts:
● I hate my job, now what?
● Conscious Spending Plan: How to Budget by Looking Into the Future

8. SKILLS YOU NEED, skillsyouneed.com

If you are a writer, artist, or even a simple office clerk, you will need information about lifelong skills that will set you apart from the crowd. On SkillsYouNeed, there is a wide range of life skills the writers suggest that could essentially enhance your work and personal life. They follow an A-Z format under each category featuring numerous skills you could learn for personal development and to be the best resource in all spheres of life. Every post is about a particular skill that falls under different categories. The categories featured on their website include personal skills, interpersonal skills, parenting, presentation, writing, and numeracy.

Best Blog Posts:
● Conflict Resolution and Mediation
● Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

7. TINY BUDDHA, tinybuddha.com

, 10 Blogs That Will Inspire Your Life

Tiny Buddha is about the practice of mindfulness, wisdom, and spirituality to enhance the quality of life. Contrary to the name Tiny Buddha, the blog is not about religion or theism rather about our peace and fulfillment, with philosophical takeaways. It is a good source for articles to read if you wish to tap into your subconscious and engage with nature. It’s one of the most famous blog sites for spiritual readers.

Best Blog Posts:
● How to Make Everything Easier by Accepting the Present Moment
● How to Create Peace and Calm Through Mindful Photography

6. SCIENCE OF PEOPLE, scienceofpeople.com

Human interaction is unavoidable and we have to spend most of our life communicating and interacting. This is because we need people on our side, either to climb up the social ladder, get the best testimonials, or simply to understand a person’s intentions. Science of People teaches their readers how to be the best they can be by improving interpersonal communication skills, body language, and being charismatic. This blog is the most educational blog on the list with stellar articles written by professionals who have actually studied human behavior and habits. Their goal is to familiarize readers with the art of persuasion and how to charm anyone, that could potentially be your employer or customer.

Best Blog Posts:
● 16 Essential Body Language Examples and Their Meanings
● How to Talk to VIPs: 8 Unique Tips To Conquer Awkwardness

5. MINDBODYGREEN, mindbodygreen.com

, 10 Blogs That Will Inspire Your Life

You cannot embark on a personal growth journey without a healthy body and this health blog is the best blog to look for your health solutions and guide you on a healthy journey. The writers share knowledge about loads of health and wellness topics, however, they are not just surface-level how to lose weight advice. There is a massive catalog of information about meditation, women’s health, nutrition, mental health, etc. The website is more or less a community of nutritionists, psychologists, fitness gurus, and more. The best categories to browse are movement and mindfulness that have wonderful insights to heal the body and mind.

Best Blog Posts:
● What This Psychologist & Yoga Teacher Wants You To Know About How The Body Stores Stress
● 3 Ways To Stay Emotionally Agile When Everything Is Up In The Air

4. MICHAEL HYATT, michaelhyatt.com

Possibly one of the most motivational blogs, Michael Hyatt will help you take smart risks, lead and conquer. You will be pleased to be a reader of Michael’s blog because he has great testimonials from his readers who admitted to being highly motivated to take up leadership roles in their work lives. The guides are practical. He claims to have shared the same principles that helped him grow from a lost and desperate young adult to now become the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company. It is a perfect blog to read for young entrepreneurs and leaders.

Best Blog Posts:
● How to Bounce Back From Failure
● The Trick to Creating More Time

3. MARK MANSON, markmanson.net

, 10 Blogs That Will Inspire Your Life

The famous author of New York’s Best Seller The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck and Life is f*cked, Mark Manson fortunately has a website for people who love unfiltered and blunt life advice. According to Mark, his articles are science-based, pragmatic, and non-bullshitty. He doesn’t just deliver articles on self-motivation but also engages educational categories. On his website, he delves into psychology, culture, and philosophy. He applies his study carefully to get into his readers’ heads and to plant hurtful truths about life and the mistakes we’re making. He’s one of my favorites but is definitely not for sensitive readers.

Best Blog Posts:
● “Who the Fuck am I?” A Guide to Personal Values
● If Self-Discipline Feels Difficult, Then You’re Doing It Wrong

2. GRETCHEN RUBIN, gretchenrubin.com

If you could have 3 wishes that would come true, what would they be? At least a dozen people would say eternal happiness as one of them. Titled ‘the queen of the self-help memoir’, Grethen Rubin is the writer of books such as Inner Calm and Happier at Home. Grethen’s main theme is happiness. She is a more refreshing alternative for Mark Manson. You can understand her type of personal development content through her book titles. Greta’s work is written from an empathetic point of view for readers to attain inner peace with themselves. Although she believes that there isn’t a right-hand solution for happiness and success, she guides readers to a more successful, more productive, and happier life. I 100% recommend this blog to add some positivity to your day.

Best Blog Posts:
● The Eight Splendid Truths Of Life
● 11 Happiness Paradoxes to Contemplate As You Think About Your Happiness Project.

1. POSSIBILITY CHANGE, possibilitychange.com

, 10 Blogs That Will Inspire Your Life

Often we tend to relate more to real stories of people who turned their life around. Why? Because it assures us of the possibilities that things may work out for us too. Possibility change is one of the best inspirational blogs on the internet with a massive community of readers. What makes it so inspirational? The website features over a thousand stories of people with wonderful stories to share. Every story is shared to convince readers of the massive possibility of change in their lives. It is unconventional with less nagging and philosophical lectures, but more heartfelt advice from real individuals. You will relate to at least 5 of the categories of published stories such as anxiety, career, life purpose, addiction, forgiveness, and more. Their stories are inspired and sent in by real people.

Best Blog Posts:
● 7 Reasons I Was Scared to Speak Up (and What I Did About It)
● Why I’m Proud To Be An Addict

There’s more to personal development than simply reading self-help bestsellers. It’s an overwhelming and never-ending journey. So when you visit these blogs, don’t forget to translate your favorite bloggers’ words into actions! It’s what you do that matters.

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, 10 Blogs That Will Inspire Your Life


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