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How Jeff Bezos Achieved Success,?

Jeff Bezos is World’s first Centibillinior person who has achieved this success in a definite interval of time. Jeff Bezos has this much Net worth that if We will add up the GDP of 125 Countries then the Net Worth of Jeff Bezos will be higher. You if also keen to know about the motivational Story of this wonderful man from just started with a Garage and proved him in front of the World.

“Winners don’t do Different Things, they do things differently”

Jeff Bezos proved that nothing is impossible in this world. He did things in a different manner. Today “Ground of Success Team” will show up some key points of his success which he has applied to his life & which helped him to have a Peaceful and regarded life.

7 Ultimate Success Strategy of his life:

  1. The Customer is the King & I am the Servant: They Believed in treating customers as the king. He focused on “What is Mostly liked by Customer and What is Least liked by Customer”. which most of the people missed out. He just Focused on the 3 Points which customers hate most: Delay, Defect and Out of Stock. He noticed that if Website takes 0.1% delay then 10% of the customer will be lost.

2. Expect More from his Employees: Jeff Bezos is a kind of person who Expects more and more from his Employees. He has a unique attitude. he believes that I have 5 Lakh Employees who are there to manage and control and take care of my 16 Crore Customers. Amazon is now famous for Same Day Delivery just he always said to his Employees that will improve more and more.

, Inspirational Story of Jeff Bezos | Richest Man | Ground of Success



3. Long-Term Vision: Jeff Bezos believes that “Our Vision is to use this Platform to build Earth’s Most Customers Centric Company. A Place where Customer can come to find and discover anything and everything they might want to buy online.


4. Complexify the Simple & Simplify the Complex: Jeff Bezos is a kind of Entrepreneur who always believes in making things as simple as they can be. Because most of the person missed the Simplicity in making things to be out of the box.

5. Every Employee has a Hidden Employer Within: Jeff Bezos believes that Every Employee should have an Internal owner in him. Because Company can only improve when every employee will work as the owner of the company. he didn’t need Servant in the company all he needs is an owner in each and every employee of Amazon. 

6 Take Quick Decision with 70% Information: He Believes that We Shouldn’t wait for the 90%, 95%, 100% information for something to start. he Believes that with 70% of the information that thing should be started and testing should have proceeded. As a result of this Strategy, Amazon prime was launched from the 111 Day of the Planning.


7. Value Imitation v/s Value Innovation: Jeff Bezos observed that majority of the people focusing on the Value imitation and they choose anything just by seeing the Success factor of something, but He believed in Innovation and Value Innovation based on Customers Feedback. Amazon Prime was a Result of his Innovation Strategy.


“You Can Only Achieve What You Think”

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