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Being organized is the key to success. You can prioritize things in your own way and also be able to ensure that everything is dealt with in the best possible way. From managing the client to the accounts of the business, there are a lot of areas in the life of the entrepreneurs that need at most attention and they are something that cannot be taken lightly. Mobile Apps for entrepreneurs are the user-friendly solution to this problem. There is an application for every small thing you need in life. Whether it is keeping track of the customers or your bank account or the loans, there is an application for everything. And they can actually prove to be very useful no matter the scale of business. You can save loads of time and be punctual. So here is a list of the best apps for entrepreneurs that you will find beneficial to use-

1. Evernote

During a meeting, it is not always convenient for us to carry a notepad to jot down the important key points. This app is beneficial for entrepreneurs in 2020. You can create your to-do list or the schedule throughout the day. There are a lot of features in Evernote that I found helpful-, Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: User Friendly Solutions


  • You can store 20Gb of new uploads every month.
  • You can sync your notes across multiple devices.
  • It allows you to share the work with friends and colleagues through email.
  • You can even add a passcode.
  • The notes can be accessed offline.
  • Annote and search for text in pdf and images.

This application has three packages for you to choose from. The application however is free to download in android and ios models for mobile phones.
The basic or the free package gives you a 60MB storage plan per month along with only 2 synced devices. You can access the notes offline only through the desktop version of this app for entrepreneurs.

The premium package costs you somewhere around 3$ per month along with 10Gb storage for a month while the business plan costs around 7$ per month. The only difference between these two plans is that the business plan has 20Gb worth of storage and that you can collaborate with your team. The rest of the features are the same.

I would recommend using the free version to see how beneficial this application is for you, you can, later on, upgrade to the paid version which does not cost that much. This has to be the best app I found to help entrepreneurs and save a lot of their time.

2. Focus Keeper

It is very important for entrepreneurs to be punctual in their work. The correct management of time reduces stress and makes you more focused on your goal. This app for entrepreneurs is something that will help you increase your productivity and utilize your time wisely. It has the following features:, Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: User Friendly Solutions

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Track progress and productivity through charts.
  • Sessions and goals can be customized. You can even add breaks in between.
  • Set daily goals.
  • Varieties of sounds to choose from for every goal you set.
  • Receive notifications for everything.

The best thing about Focus Keeper mobile app for entrepreneurs is that there is no additional cost. Apart from the ads, this app is absolutely the best among the others. There is a paid version available if you do not wish to see the advertisements.

3. Anchor

This mobile app for entrepreneurs helps you to record podcasts and distribute them to your favorite listening platforms. Now the first thing that you might be thinking is that why do anchors need to do podcasting., Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: User Friendly Solutions

It is interesting to note here that podcasts not only help you create an audience but can also prove to be beneficial for the business. You can even improve your public speaking skills through podcasts. This entrepreneurship has the following features which may be beneficial to everyone (not just entrepreneurs)-

  • Record anywhere, anytime.
  • Edit and arrange your audio through episode builder.
  • You can even record with co-hosts or guests.
  • No constraints.
  • You earn money every time someone listens to your podcast.

There is no in-app purchase which makes it the best app for you to use for free.

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4. Mint/Fudget

Whenever I create a budget, no matter how much amount of help I get, it is less. This is the reason why every big company has a finance department to take care of all these matters. But you do not have to worry even if you own a small business, I got you covered with this entrepreneurship app called Mint.
It syncs users’ bank accounts, PayPal account, and other accounts to keep a track of the revenue and expenditure of the business. You can add credit cards and bills that are due, it will notify you of everything. It has these amazing features-

What, how, and where about the money.

  • Close track of due bills.
  • All in one finance.
  • Unlimited credit score.
  • Manage your money anywhere.

This app is absolutely free to download and use.
You can use an alternative for this app which is Walnut or Fudget.

5. Acorns

If you are looking for automated investing, you need to try this amazing app. The investment amount is as low as a dollar so that means you can invest your daily spare change into something that will help you in the long run. This app is best for entrepreneurs to save money and use it wisely and comes with the following features-, Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: User Friendly Solutions

  • Invest spare change.
  • Save for later.
  • Grow your knowledge.
  • Great security.
  • Earn bonuses.

It offers three different kinds of plans. The lite plan, the premium plan, and the family plan. I recommend using the family plan because it is not that costly and offers various features for all the family members.

6. Flowdock

Great things in business are not done individually but in a team. For an entrepreneur, it is really important to communicate properly with the team. This app helps teams make a collaborate through organized chat and integration inbox. Flowdock comes with various benefits for you to avail yourself-, Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: User Friendly Solutions

  • Converse with the team inflow
  • Private conversations were available.
  • Easy file sharing among the team.
  • Build hashtags based on your knowledge and use them later.

This app is free and I am sure you will find this helpful for you and your team.

7. Dropbox

During an emergency, it is sometimes hard to get access to hand copies of the documents. Dropbox is a helpful app for you in this case. It has the following features-

  • Instant document sharing.
  • Free cloud base storage.
  • Be organized and stay focused with personalized suggestions.
  • Get all documents in sync., Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: User Friendly Solutions

This app is free to download but has some in-app purchases.

Editor’s Choice:

8. Cam Card

You meet a lot of businessmen and you must get a lot of business cards. Is it possible for you to carry around each one of them? No right. This is where this app for entrepreneurs comes into action. It scans business brands for you to access them whenever and wherever you like. It has the following features-, Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: User Friendly Solutions

  • Access anytime, anywhere.
  • Ability to read 16 different languages.
  • Batch-scan all your cards.
  • Get notified when contacts join new companies.
  • Add meeting notes.

This application is free to use on all devices.

9. Skype

If my business client is in London and I want to have an urgent meeting with him, what should I do? Well, Skype has been popular for so many years and it is time to use it for your own good. You can video conference with a lot number of users whenever you like. It has the following features-

  • Free online calls.
  • Affordable international calls and messages.

You can download this app for free.

10. Linkedin

In business you want the people in the industry to know you. You need to make connections in order to grow in the right direction. Linkedin is the best app for making connections with people throughout the world. It also provides a lot of job opportunities to people with the given features-
You can create a profile for free and start conversing with people.

These apps are just a medium to decrease the heavy load off of your back. I am sure they will make your life much easier and your problems more bearable.

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, Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: User Friendly Solutions


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