, Top 5 Self Development Books of 2020 | Ground of Success

Top 5 Self Development Books of 2020 | Ground of Success


1. The Law of Success: Napoleon Hill

The Great book by napoleon hills often called the key to success is a great book though. This book consists of 15 main chapters and having the ocean of knowledge. If you are a businessman or an individual and want early success in your life then this book is made for you. Now we will precisely discuss all the topics as the summary of this book which would help you out before buying it.

, Top 5 Self Development Books of 2020 | Ground of Success

  1. Definite Chief Aim: You must have an aim in your life who can motivate you and you can be focused on that aim in your life. This aim will add meaning to your life.napolen has written in this book that that person who doesn’t have this kind of aim in their life cannot achieve anything in their life.
  2. Belief System: The next highly appreciated topic discussed in this book is belive system. You must have a belief in yourself that you will achieve the aim of your life. Napolean has discussed some fear to overcome in this book: “The Law of Success”. These fears are Fear of poverty, fear of criticism, fear of losing someone’s love, fear of old age, fear of death & fear of sick health. All these fears are deeply discussed inside this book.
  3. The habit of Saving: Napoleon has discussed to opt for the habit of saving in your life. Whatever you are earning, you must save a specific part of that income. If you’ll not save, you will feel broken even after earning some perks.
  4. How to Enjoy Leadership: In this chapter of the book “The Law of Success” napoleon has told how to become a great leader in your life. Napoleon has discussed that as soon as you will start taking responsibility, you will start becoming a leader. Take responsibility in your life for your health, for your goals & for your loved ones.
  5. Creativity: In this book, napoleon has discussed some facts about creativity. You start to become creative when you start imagining in your life. The great scientists Elbert Einstein have discussed that imagination is stronger than your Knowledge & Experience.


2. Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill

Editor’s Choice:

This book is highly recommended by most serial entrepreneurs. This is a great book and Highly Referred by “GROUNDOFSUCCESS”. IN this book Napoleon has discussed 13 steps to get rich in your life. These 13 steps are as follows.

, Top 5 Self Development Books of 2020 | Ground of Success

  1. Desire: Author Napoleon said that if you want something in your life then you must have a burning desire for that thing. A burning desire means that you can do anything to achieve that thing that you want.
  2. Faith: Desire is obvious most important in your life also a burning desire we can say. But not a burning desire will let you become successful in life. Until or unless you have faith in yourself, you have trust in yourself and your goals, your desire is not beneficiary at all.
  3. Auto-Suggestion: In this book, napoleon has discussed some great things that our mind is having two main parts: Conscious mind and subconscious mind. Napoleon has discussed that a Conscious mind acts as a leader & gives instruction to the subconscious mind.
  4. Specialized Knowledge: There are two kinds of knowledge one can have. One is general knowledge and the other is specialized knowledge. General knowledge is something that contains multiple facts, but specialized knowledge is something that can give you a way to go deep into an individual domain.
  5. Imagination: Imagination is something that is not yet developed or created. In this book “Think-Grow & Rich” Napoleon have discussed two types of imaginations to follow:



3. The power of positive thinking: Norman Vincent Peale:

This book is a practical guide to mastering the problem of everyday living. This book helps to boost self-confidence and develop positive thinking exercises. Sir Norman Vincent originally published this book in 1952. This book was the best self-development book at that time. But OLD is GOLD. This is the best book of 2020 also. Sir Norman Vincent has described the importance of creating a peaceful mind, which can be easily done through inspirational reading. The most favorite quote mentioned in this book is: “GOD IS THE SOURCE OF ALL THE POSITIVE ENERGY”. Sir Norman states that letting positive thoughts can change someone’s outlook on life that practicing relaxation through God’s help will lead to a content life.

, Top 5 Self Development Books of 2020 | Ground of Success



4. RICH DAD POOR DAD: Robert Kiyosaki

, Top 5 Self Development Books of 2020 | Ground of Success

If you want to know what an asset is & how can liability destroy you, this book is made for you guys. Sir Robert has published this book to make everyone aware of your lifestyles and life goals. Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the most selling self-development books of Sir Robert. You can achieve anything if you can teach yourself. Sir Robert discussed that rich people treats and teach their children differently whereas poor people do it differently. This self-development book is one of the most-read books of 2020 and preferred by approx. every entrepreneur. In this book, Sir Robert has discussed two fathers. One is rich and the other is poor. He has discussed their living, their lifestyle, and meanwhile their financial information. Truthfully the ideas in this book are probably too far-fetched and radical for most parents today. Reading this book can change the mindset and perception of every dam person on this planet.


, Top 5 Self Development Books of 2020 | Ground of Success


5. YOU ARE A BADASS: Jen Sincero

The theme of this book is “How to stop doubting your greatness” and how to live an awesome life. This book is a way to live a full-fledged life and the author of this book tells all the possible ways for it. This book is the most selling self-development book and recommended by most of the people who are living their lives. This book also provides you the powerful strategies to leave your bad habits and live a peaceful life. The author of this book is Jen Sincero, who is a life coach and best selling author of the time. This book has discussed all the negative aspects that are stopping you to become successful in life. But truthfully no one can stop you to become a better version of yourself. Its always you not anyone else can stop you to fly high in the sky. There are many self-development books are available in the market but this book can change your life. In this book, Jen has discussed in simple language without going vast that how can you improve your attitude and understand your self believe.

, Top 5 Self Development Books of 2020 | Ground of Success



 The one and only one way to boost up the person’s skills in  Training and development. In this article, we have mentioned all the top self-development books of the year 2020. There should be the daily nourishment of the mind to become successful in life. Ground of success has provided an overview of top self-development books of all time. When you start investing in yourself, you start improving yourself.

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, Top 5 Self Development Books of 2020 | Ground of Success

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