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How to Achieve Success in Life | 10 Ways to Achieve Success | Ground of Success

What is Success? Is it the aim to achieve what you wanted? Is it Wealth?

If you ask me, I would say it is different for different people. Some may think of it as not having to work for more than 35-40 hours a week while some may think having a million in your bank account is a success.

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

Sarah Lewis, a speaker at TED TALK says that success is just a moment, what we are celebrating are creativity and mastery. What gets us to keep going and thrust more is to value the near win. Mastery is reaching where you wanted not to arrive there.

In easy language, I would say success is the achievement of something you have been trying to do with a satisfactory result.

10 Ways to Achieve Success

How to Achieve Success in Life. First, let us start with you. Let us make your life a little better by doing the following

Give time to Yourself

“It’s not selfish to give to yourself as much as you give yourself “- Suze Orman

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

The most important relationship which you need to achieve success is the relationship with yourself. At the end of the day, you are replaceable in your job but not in your life. To start working to achieve your targets and goals, you need to start from yourself. As said- you sow, so shall you reap.

If you are the kind of person who gives priorities to others rather than yourself, you need to start working on it now. It is never wrong to make someone a priority, but that someone or something should never be greater than you. And this is not selfish. This is self-care. Ok, let us understand this concept more clearly with an example.

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

Remember the safety speeches you get while boarding a plane. The flight attendees tell you to make sure you secure your oxygen mask before helping others, in case of an emergency.  Will you be able to help that person properly if you did not make sure you are in the right condition? Just like that will you be able to help someone out without making sure you are ok? This is why you need to look out for yourself.

Some good ways to achieve self-care or the ways to give yourself some time are :

  • Take at least 8 hours of sleep every day.
  • Exercise daily to keep your body energetic.
  • Eat right to keep your body fit and healthy.
  • Say no to others and yes to yourself.
  • Be organized. Being organized lets you know what you need to work on and how much time you need to give to certain things.
  • Introduce good habits in your daily routine.
  • There should be “me time” every day in your schedule. Even if it’s for 10 minutes, you should give yourself some time.
  • Do things that you like to do rather than doing things that others ask you to do. Focus on things that make you happy.
  • Take care of your health. Ignoring health issues while going to the office or while something else will just make the situation worse.

Some of you may think these ways have nothing to do with your success. In some way, they might not have anything to do with success but these ways will help you take care of yourself better and when you are happy and relaxed, you can focus on your goals completely and without any stress or tension coming in the way.

Set Your Goals

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

When it comes to chasing our dreams the only way I can think of is setting milestones. People without goals or milestones are least likely to be successful as much as they wish to be. Goals give us the momentum to push through adversity we experience while we chase our dreams. Everyone should have a goal in life otherwise the life may even get boring when you have nothing to achieve or nothing to work hard for. Setting a goal gives you a direction and meaning in life.

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Upgrade your Skills

Learning new skills is one of the best ways to become more successful in your career. Whether you are looking for a new career opportunity or would like to move into a more senior role, upgrading your skills can increase your chances of reaching your career goals. By upgrading your skills, you can achieve the following benefits-

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

  • Boost confidence
  • Stand out in a crowd
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Better career opportunities

Upgrading your skills helps you to be the better version of yourself.

Get the Work Done

Don’t even get e started on being lazy because I know all that, been there, and done every possible thing to entertain my laziness. Money Heist, a popular show these days taught me that time is money. If you lose time, you lose money. And making money is an important part of success for a lot of people. So you need to get that work done now which you are postponing for tomorrow or some other day.

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

Ok, let me tell you what changed my laziness. I am a person who loves coding. Last year during my summer break, I enrolled in a programming course, I paid the money for it and I even completed a few modules. But then I had to skip my work for 2-3 days due to some personal problems. But when I was through with them, I kept postponing the learning, and finally, the summer break got over and I had to go back to the college. At that time I was interviewed for an internship along with another candidate. Turns out I was better than her except for the one language she knew that I did not. And that course taught the same thing so what I want to say is that I lost my dream job because of my laziness. So do not repeat the same mistake I did.

If you do feel lazy and want to postpone things, just say these things to yourself-

  • If I have the time, why should I waste it
  • I can do something else in place of this tomorrow so better do it now.
  • I can be organized
  • I have a goal to achieve.

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

These things did help me when I wanted to fight with laziness, so it might as well work or you.

Read Daily

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

Books have been my best friends since forever. Reading Self-Development books gives you a positive vibe and motivation. Books have facts about your goals you may know nothing about. Not only it helps you to achieve success by keeping you motivated, but it also has health benefits. Reading books reduces stress and depression, increases the ability of decision making and confidence. So even if you do not want to do it for your goals, do it for your health. If you do not want to buy a book, download an application (there are plenty) for books in your smart device, and start reading. You can even improve your vocabulary by reading daily.

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

When you are done setting your goals, you can start reading on the area of your interest and get a piece of better knowledge for you to lay out your plan for the future.

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Don’t fear the upper hand

Competition is everywhere and in every field around you and honestly, things get interesting when there is a competition. Having a competitor keeps you motivated and also the inner wish to be better than others. But almost every other thing has a dark side. This does too. Competition may bring fear in a person’s mind and affect him.

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

What if they win? What if their idea is better than mine? What if I lose?

All sorts of questions come in our mind. But you should know when to take things and in what way. Sure you should use your competitors and haters to keep yourself motivated, but never fear from them. You can be better than them is what I believe should be your confidence. Yet again, do not get overconfident about it. If someday you lose to your competitor, you should consider what was it that they had and you didn’t.  this will help you do better next time and help you beat the rivals.


Save Money

You need to stop wasting your money on useless things. Money is an important part of everyone’s life. There are a lot of benefits you get from saving money-

  • No stress for retirement.
  • Future stability.
  • Emergency cushion.
  • Capital for startups.

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

I am not saying that you should stop spending money on yourself. Of course, not! Just do not waste the money if you can save it. Money is hard to earn and does require hard work.

Build Relationships

Don’t get me wrong here I mean building relationships with clients or people who share the same interests as you. Talk about experienced people, they will guide you throughout the path to your success., some may even be your role models., How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

For your peers, I would say you will get some support while doing things. Clients are like the judge of your company. If you fail to impress a client, he is bound to give a bad review about you in the market. So most importantly in a business, you need to make sure you impress your clients with your ability and skills and also keeping their taste in mind. They can even help you out during a company crisis.

Be Gratified in what you get

Let us consider an example, a child cries for food when hungry, once you feed him he starts chasing toys, then for new toy’s, once grown a little carve for gadgets to showcase among friends, later a better cycle, a better bike and better car, better job, better wife, better lifestyle, better house, better than what you have always., How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

Think if we were all satisfied with the same old Edison bulb we can’t imagine the luxury of led bulbs. Nothing is wrong with it. During all the wanting and needs, a person may not be happy completely. Happiness is enjoying what you have.  A handful of candy can make a kid equally happier to a man who won the lottery. Happiness comes from what you got in your hands which you can feel, smell, kiss, taste or so.

So just be satisfies with what you have right now, celebrate any victory you achieve, and no matter how small it is.

Be Positive

Negativity can make you imagine the worst things of any event or incident.

Well said- Everything that happens, is for a reason.

, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success

Just like a coin has two sides, so does everything that happens to you. It is up to you if you want to be positive and embrace what all you have or what all you will achieve or be negative and end up losing everything. If you live a positive life, everything will be positive and you will be successful because negative thoughts come to unsuccessful people only. Even hanging out with negative people brings influence in your life.

These were just a few basic ways of achieving your goals in life or reaching the point of success with satisfaction.

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, How to Achieve Success in Life | Ground of Success


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