, Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success

Difference Between Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success

, Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success

Mindset is what separates you from others. When you wake up in the morning, you have two options: Either Go Back to Sleep and Dream or Getup and Chase your Dreams.  Dreams are not what you see when you’re sleeping, Dreams are those which doesn’t let you sleep. The very first thing a person needs to accomplish a task is a mindset. A person is shy & the other is open, why this happens. What we learned is that there is a difference in mindset between the two people. When we are talking about the highly successful people or entrepreneurs, the very first thing which makes them so is their mindset. They did set goals, they carried that mindset of being the highly admirable people one day and will achieve the height of success in life. Today we are going to discuss the term Human Psychology and their mindset in their own terms. We are going to observe the two highly set of mindsets which shape our future:




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Growth Mindset:

, Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success

A person having a growth mindset is a person with a growth attitude and positive vibes inside him. For the person, FAIL stands for First Attempt in learning. For the person having a growth mindset is keen to learn new things. The main concern of the growth mindset is that they have a wide area of scope or we can say broad thinking as they are keen to learn new things, they are keen to meet new people. Their mindset rotates them around the globe in their mind and shows them the things they are deserving for. They have a positive attitude, positive thinking to try new things as much as they can.

, Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success

The most precious thing a person has with a growth mindset is that they are keen to meet new people to enhance their communication & vocal activities. Growth Mindset makes a person be inspired by other people, inspired by other’s success. Because when you condemn someone’s success, you’re not doing so for that person, instead you’re condemning Success. A growth mindset is concerned with the total thought process of the person. When you have a positive thought process with a kind and growth mindset in you, you become a person of positivity in yourself. You don’t care about the small things whether negative thoughts are coming in your minds or positive thoughts are coming then these kinds of terms hardly matters. Whether negativity touches you or positivity touches you it hardly matters for the person having a growth mindset.

, Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success

A happy nature about the person having a growth mindset is that their feedback about the things, about the community, is always constructive. They are well known to the community and to people. Their efforts and attitude decide their abilities to work and to succeed in life. A most precious thing about the growth mindset is that it assumes that our attitude, our thinking, our abilities, and our abilities are dynamic in nature and can be shared broadly.

, Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success

Fixed Mindset:

, Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success

There is always room for possibilities and at the same place, there is always room for improvement but it’s not applicable in case of a fixed mindset. A person having a fixed mindset is even dangerous for himself in many terms. A person having it assumes that his life, attitude, his thinking, and abilities are static and fixed in nature, but actually, in life, it’s not. When you stable yourself with a fixed mindset, you become ill not externally but internally. You become narrow by nature, by thinking and most important by your abilities.

, Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success

A person who is having a narrow mindset or fixed mindset start assuming narrow things in his mind such as failure is the limit of his abilities and start frustrating from small things, and this thinking leads to quitting for many tasks and activities. Lots of difficulties come into picture when a person is having such kind of narrow mindset or fixed mindset. One thing that matters is “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING”. When your attitude is static and you don’t have an excitement for the new things or new opportunities in life then you start to stick what you know.

A person with a fixed mindset makes a person instill that he doesn’t accept challenges. Potential of that person is pre-determined that he doesn’t need to do the things and the things were assumed to do automatically. Such a problem occurs not due to a fixed mindset but due to the comfort zone. The comfort zone is that thing which comes with lots of other friends like laziness, narrow mind, narrow thinking, etc. In short, comfort is king for the person having a fixed mindset.

, Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset | Ground of Success


Personal Development is the prior development of a person’s life. It doesn’t give a life, but it definitely gives a lifestyle. Ground of Success tries its best to provide audience a very efficient manner to get motivated, hence succeed in life. Above mentioned two sets of mindsets a person needs to know and have growth mindset in order to achieve success in life. Success doesn’t mean working hard day and night but working smartly and living accordingly & having a growth mindset to reach the height of success.



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