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Cause of Happiness: Few Years Back, there was research performed to know that “What is the Difference between people who live their life with happiness & people who live who lives frustrated throughout the Journey of life.” The Conclusion comes out was amazing… !!

What was that..?? The Conclusion was that- “Those who had a Good Relationship & loyal Relationship has lived the life with full of Happiness & those who were having a dissatisfied Relationship lived their life with full of distraction, dissatisfaction & frustrations. Yes ! Having good Relationships is the main cause of happiness which we usually ignore.

Now, let’s come to the point of real happiness is in having a good and stable relationship, then the question arises that, “How to Build a Good & Strong Relationship ??” Let’s Elaborate it in our life.

First and most important factor in the Relationship to have is “Understanding”. Now Let’s find out What exactly the Understanding is ?? Understanding is not listening to your partner, understanding is what “Getting the Point of View of your Partner & accepting is the Real Understanding”. Not arguing and trying to place our point of view to handle the situation which people usually does.

What is a Good Relationship ??… lets try to find out….

A Good Relationship is what when you can count on each other. In Simple Words, When you can trust each other blindly, then we can say it is a good relationship we are having. Let’s understand it better by relating to:: “Real Friendship“. What is a Real Friendship…?? A Real Friendship is not when you accept each and every point of decisions. Friendship is exactly real when you Guide each wring & right things irrespective of the situations.

, How to Become Happy in Life ?? First Step Towards Success | Ground of Success

Relationship is not a dead object. It Requires great deal of attention.

Are you mentally prepared for Relationship..?? 

The relationship is a living kind of thing. It’s not a life, its a feeling of understanding and carrying. Like a living plant needs care and attention on a daily basis in order to grow successfully, We also need to take care of our Relationships on each n every situation of life. If you are treating the relationship as best when everything is going on the right track and then blaming the relationship when on a critical situation, that means you are nothing but not mentally prepared exactly for a relationship. We can’t take it for granted as it is a living thing..

Conclusion: There is not any blind or fixed rule for a relationship to be good. Understanding among the partners and power to handle every new good, bad or worst situation of life might be a reason for Happiness and Success in Life…


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