, How to Choose the Right Career ? Job v/s Business | Ground of Success

, How to Choose the Right Career ? Job v/s Business | Ground of Success


  1. Identify Yourself: In today’s world, Global youth is curious or say confused about a very simple or general logic that is “What is the right career option for them after their education”. The Answer will be cleared by this post today. Welcome to the “GROUND OF SUCCESS” Portal with an Evolutionary topic “How to Choose the Right Career? Job v/s Business”. Choosing the right career options available first you need to identify yourself. You need to read your mind. You need to identify that what you are willing for and willing power do you have with you.

What if Choosing a Job..??

In Business exponential growth is not possible. Clear to say that in business we don’t get daily increment or appraisal. We have to wait for a particular interval of time. If you have a straight and linear thinking then the job is made for you. if you see only one solution to a problem then the job is for you. If you can work upon a higher authority order, then the job will be helpful for you. In the job, you have a linear thinking order and you have to just follow the instruction you have received, you can’t even addon anything in the respected or assigned work.

What if Choosing Business as Career…??

If your mind really pushes your heart for it, then business is made for you. if you are capable of having an out of box thinking then business is for you. Business is all about understanding. You are really able to find a number of solutions for a single problem then business is made for you. Understanding is the main factor for a business. If you have a desire to do a business by seeing the lifestyle of most of the entrepreneur then business is not for you. When you can think by others points of view then definitely business is made for you and you will succeed in your business.

“Business is less of a Science and more of an art.”

Confused between Business and Grabbing a Job for you…???

Here is the Difference: Business is made of understanding. It is more of a science and less of an art. Business is directly proportional to our identification of feelings with respect , How to Choose the Right Career ? Job v/s Business | Ground of Successto others. if you can really feel to be an entrepreneur then only business can be fulfilled. IN Business exponential growth is possible but not in a Job. The job basically bound ones thinking power. He fails to implement the thinking order of his own.  Business is nothing but a simple algorithm of making such complicated things into a simple task.


, How to Choose the Right Career ? Job v/s Business | Ground of Success

Business is made to be a good idea if and only you can explain your Thought in a single page or less then only you can succeed in a business. If you need a number of pages or presentation just to explain your idea then the job is made for you, not a business. Choosing a right career is depend totally upon your potential not others suggestions.



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