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Why People Fails: Today, I came with a very well known fact that “How to convert failure into Success”. A Question arises here, “Why People Fails“. Everyone is keen to know this. Also, this is exactly what everyone is doing great efforts to achieve his goals in life. Then why they fail. Don’t they do hard work ?? Don’t they have a lust to be successful ?? NO, they all miss one thing that is “TRYING”.

Failure is Success:: Yes it is right, I, We and Everyone fail in our tasks because this is fact, real and part of life. But if you are just out of the box and say, you never fail it means you never try. By Nature, it is the part of life to become fails. because “If You never fails in your life that simply means that You have Been playing way to save yourself

, How to Convert Failure into Success | Part of Life | Ground of Success

The Biggest Risk in your life that you can take is by not taking any risk at all.

What to do:let’s talk about the solution, not directly but first identifying what we want and what we need. I’ll simply say that “Maintaining the Enthusiasm to Failure to Failure to actually Finally to Success”  will teach you to identify those things. This may be an unknown fact that there have a lot of common things that we and those successful legendary people have. Let’s discuss them briefly.

You May Not Have Resources, But you have the Resourcefulness: Yes! You Might not have resources but sure you have resourcefulness which you never identifies in yourself. Most people explain the absence of resources with them, whether you are a student, an employee or an employer, you are always ready to show the unavailability of resources that they didn’t have money, they didn’t have employees, they didn’t have permissions, they didn’t have coordination and much more. Now, there’s a question arises in my mind that why people don’t identify the Resourcefulness in them. Yes you don’t have resource but you have resourcefulness, Yes you don’t have resources, but you have capabilities to generate resources, its ok if you even don’t have talent, but you have capabilities to create talent which people never identify. What actually stops you is that people stuck usually and say I can’t do it. There is no more solutions and say people quit. People think they don’t have resources but this is a better option to have resourcefulness than a resource because resource makes you limited and resourcefulness makes you create your own limits.

, How to Convert Failure into Success | Part of Life | Ground of Success

Mathmatics: 1 Problem = 1 Solution

In Real Life: 1 Problem = Many Solution

Solution to the Problems: This was in mathematics that there is only 1 single solution to a problem, but in real life actually this assumption seems to be wrong. In real life, a single life is having multiple solutions. it is possible to you have tried many but still one left that you have not tried. It cannot be said that one has tried all the solutions to the problems but still fails because there is again a solution which he has not tried. In mathematics, a condition is over after a solution is found, but here you have to search again and again to search more and more solution to your problem because no can predict which will work for you.

Point of Difficulty & Point of Possibility: People don’t usually watch over the point of difficulty and point of possibility. Out of these two if you will see POD then will be stuck into difficulties and if you will see POP then more and possibilities will come into the picture. because it is a fact that “Wherever the mind focuses it gets zoomed in.”  Now the question arises how to overcome on all these. That’s so simple “gets yourself divorced with Point of Difficulties, and gets yourself marries with Point of Possibilities.”

Conclusion: Its that simple that you have to develop Game Changing behavior and behavior changing exercises. You need to enroll yourself in the habit of Reverse back or say wake up again. because nobody in history has ever created history, without tasting some failure. This is the point we discussed “Failure is the Key to Success !!”

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