, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

Why do You Need a Goal in life?

A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with- a man is what he makes of himself.”  Alexander Graham Bell.

, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

You are solely responsible for the things that you achieve success in life. But to achieve the success you must have a goal.

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But what is a Goal?

, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

Is it a success? Is it an achievement? If you ask me, a goal is a wishful future or the desired result of a plan. It is something we want to achieve in life. Goals can be personal like marriage, owning a house, etc., or professional like starting your own business, buying a new company, etc.

“Realize what you want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work in digging gold.” – William Marsden

I have come across a lot of people who have a goal in life but they do not do anything to achieve it or sometimes they are not clear about their goals. If you need to achieve the desired results, you need to work smartly for it. For a goal to be motivational, the objective must be clear, you should know what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and in what timeframe. And lastly one should have a clear outcome of the objective.

, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

How to set a Goal?

First of all, I want all of you to think about what you want to achieve in life. It does not have to be too big just something that you wish to have in your future. Now write it down. And you think that’s it? Are you happy that you now have a goal? You should be happy about it but not too much because tell me do you know how to achieve it? No right? So let us talk about the steps you need to do to achieve your desired result.

, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

1.) Decide:

Be clear about everything and if you do have doubts about the outcome clear them first.

2.) Now write down your Goal:

As unimportant it may sound, you need to do it. It is said that those who do not write their goal are less likely to achieve it. My personal advice on this is to make sure you keep the written material at a place where you can see it daily. This will remind you about the goal daily.

, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

3.) Break your Goal:

Now, it is very important to break your final goal into small achievements. For example, it is quite difficult for an author to write his book in a day right? He plans everything and gradually completes the book writing different chapters each day. Just like that break down your goal into different pieces.

4.) Study for it:

Well, this may sound stupid but you people study for so many years to gain a salary so can’t you study for something you have to achieve in life which may also take you to your success provided it is a professional goal.

, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

5.) Plan:

This is something we miss most of the time. We are so focused on reaching the endpoint that we forget how we are going to reach over there. This is why it is very important to note down the steps in which you want to get the result.

6.) Start working on it:

You can now start executing the plan. Cross of the planned steps after completing them successfully. This will keep track of your progress.

7.) Celebrate:

When you complete small targets, you should definitely celebrate as it will help you stay motivated to achieve the next step.

By following the above steps you can surely achieve your goal.
But still, I know some of you out there reading this might think that- “what is the need to set a goal in life “. Well, let me tell you it is indeed important.

Why Goal Setting is important?

, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

When it comes to chasing our dreams the only way I can think of is setting milestones. People without goals or milestones are least likely to be successful as much as they wish to be. Goals give us the momentum to push through adversity we experience while we chase our dreams. Brian Tracy a Canadian-American public speaker says-

• Goals give you focus and help you stay motivated:

Goals give you the direction of life. Imagine shooting without an aim. Will you be able to do that? When you have no target, no aim where will you point the gun? Shooting anywhere without an aim will be wasting your time and energy and you might as well hurt someone. That’s why you need an aim in life as well.

You can have all the potential in the world but it is useless if you do not have the ability or the focus. If you have a goal in life and if you are committed to it I am sure you will be focused and would not get distracted. When you have the outcome set in your mind you will automatically try to keep distractions out of your way. You need to set a target or milestone as a shooter rather than wasting all your ability or talent. Goals help us to get motivated and develop new strategies that will enable us to perform at the required goal level.

, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

• Goals help you measure progress:

When I am planning to achieve something big I may get de-motivated or sometimes even question myself – Am I going on the right track?
This is where goals help you. They help you measure the progress of the milestone and you can reassure yourself that you indeed are on the right path. You always have a benchmark to compare with while you make progress. Let us take an example, a student has to complete 20 assignments in 20 days. He starts working on them immediately. At the end of the day, he loses the track of the number of assignments he has completed so far. So when he starts counting he knows his progress and also figures out how much more work needs to be done. Even if at some point in time, he loses the will to work the progress will keep on reminding him that he has come so far and that he can do it.

• Goals help you achieve even more:

When you achieve a goal it feels like victory ultimately bringing you happiness. This helps you to set new goals and achieve them

• Goals help you to overcome Procrastination:

Procrastination means the situation of delaying the work. Admit it we all get lazy sometimes and we end up postponing the work to the other day. Well, the motivation after setting a goal eliminates procrastination and also teaches us how wrong delaying your work is.

, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

Setting a goal helps us to move forward in life. It is absolutely your choice if you do not want to have a goal in life but if you do, you might as well give meaning and direction to your life. It is completely illogical to say that you would not achieve anything in life without a goal because we all need some days where we have nothing to accomplish. We obviously cannot live our whole life by planning it beforehand. Having said that I hope this article was helpful to you.”


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, What is Goal Setting – Why it is so Important

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